Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2008

Dear Diary no. 1

Sometimes, I do look like someone who don't know how to talk properly. es-eych-ahy-tee!
: (

Selasa, 14 Oktober 2008

Wait And See

Maybe there's just something wrong with my imagination but it seemed like all the thing I'm working on was not very satisfying. boooooooooooo!

Ahad, 5 Oktober 2008



You got right time and right tools. You've planned your goal. You planned everything that you listed down. But it does not work like it should be. Or somehow there are barriers came in the way you can't afford to tell. mmmmm~

--- (It has always happened to me, yes brother)

There are some people that can't stand with their failed plan. It's normal people do. Some people think they don't deserve that. Nothing wrong with it. But most of them didn't realize that will make them feel weaker. I've seen a lot in both my shoes; as a teacher and a normal people. They cried, shouting, saying bad words plus plus. It is such a wasting time. it is way too dumb. Sorry!

Yes, I've been through it and I felt the way it should feel. But somehow I got something that make me re-think again why should I be stronger. To tell the truth, I'm one of the losers indeed. Failed millions planning and failed again. Here, I think "HOPE" plays a main reason why it hurts much. Felt and woke up with a lot of wound and cuts. But still, I will take anything that I have to face just for my very own life's sake. It is not others life, bonehead!

I usually analyzed every mistake I've made. And it is felt like listen to the music that you don't like when you find out the best solution is BEING SELFISH. Yes, in other sweet word it has been called leadership. Not that leadership that you learned in Business Management in your college, baby. It is kind of running something out without listen to others. But I did it with a great taste and studies (not a proper/official one of course). And another thing is; please don't assume it would happen like in the "happily ever after" kind of movie. It'll not. Better put a low expectation on its succeed. It will help you. Trust me.

mmm I don't like this entry.

I had better shut up now (or stop writing). I usually talk / writing craps cynically when pissed off. And it is really rings a bell...

Jumaat, 3 Oktober 2008

R A Y A 08


Raya has came again with it's Berkah for all the musimin and muslimat.

Not as few years back, this year's Raya is different. ehe. Syawal 2008 had marked a sign in my own life; for the first time in my whole life celebrating it with my special one; Nona of course : )

And this is like "ooohhh i'm getting married!" haha.

Plus got some clip on 3rd Raya 2008.

Happy Eid ul Fitr everyone!