Rabu, 20 Ogos 2008


Just went back from KL for picking up Chorie's floor tom and cybal 14'' crash. Bought Nona a Poptone Casio watch (i bet she really like that much...make your girlfriend happy-lah! what else? presents always made them all excited and happy all the time he he), a pair of Crocs shoes for Ayah and yellow-colored Bermuda top for myself (RM29.90 after 70% less, in fact; my tees/shirt/top would never be more than rm40 you know? ).

I just can't believe I missed the RM59 xylaphone at Cash and Converter Shop (worth for RM600++ if you find it in 2nd hand shop around else dude!) shizz : ( . Farhan just get nervous when he found that xylaphone was no longer there. He rang me up with his upset voice tone while I'm at OU; told me that I will never get the cheapest xylaphone like that for my entire life. shizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! oh, nevermind...in another 10 days I'll get my Memory Man With Hazarai directly from The States, Guided By Voices and Superchunks CD from Ipoh. haha. Currently I really into Ebay. Never did that before, I tell you. Hope that will be enough for forgetting the xylaphone. (errr, can ah? it is so cheap maaa! tak dapat cari mana kedai lagi dalam dunia!!!)

Since it is school break, so i think i can get much time for randomize-internet-surfing with no guilty feeling haha. And throw a new entry here of course!

Here I am, doing the random-internet-surfing thingy. Searching pictures in pc for updating my GENI profile that Abang Joy asked for a while back through sms. mmm ...

I can't help myself from being upset and sad all at once when I see this --->

from left Anas of Laila's Lounge, Hayyan, Daus (my lil bro), Abong, Fatin, Miji (me and Daus lil bro). Ok, this is not a full line up of Rhaman, just a capture of true and honest friendshipness

It reminds me a lot of having fun with true friends in every trip we went. Yes, this is when we are doing some show at JB. It's been 3 or 4 months since I left The Rhaman. Frankly, it's quite hard for me to did that. But for God's sake, I did for their own good. Last week they performing for Mocca's Malaysia Tour. One of the best Indo band around in my opinion. I felt happy on that for sure : ) maju terus wei!